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The surface of the embankment is to be protected against any rill erosion, rain cut etc. The Slope of the embankment can be upto 2V:1H.
It is assumed that the slope is stable and surface can be protected by vegetation. Since it takes time for vegetation to take root and reach optimum root density to provide meaningful erosion control, an erosion control blanket (ECB) suitable for local conditions is adopted.

After laying of ECB and seeds it is expected that grass and local vegetation will start to grow. The area will be green during monsoons but will become dry in summer. Next year the percentage of vegetation on the slope will increase. This process will go on till full vegetation and root structure is established. While establishment of root structure takes 2 to 3 years, the coir geotextile will remain in place and provide erosion control. After two to three years vegetation will be fully established and Coir geotextile will decompose to form humus.
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